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Theater Usage Application

Simply fill out the following information.  Your request will be processed, and you will be contacted by CER to complete your request.

Please Note: If your group requires use of any other areas of the school (the lecture hall, cafeteria, classrooms), you must complete a separate School Usage Form after completing this form.

Please provide the following contact information:

State          ZIP
Work Phone
Home Phone

Enter your intended use in the space provided below.

Enter the date of Use:

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Enter the time of of arrival:

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Please check each of the following CER things that apply to your theater use (check all that apply):

Use of Ticket Booth
Use of PA System and Microphone
Use of Stage Flies
Use of Podium

Please check each of the following things that applies to your theater use (click all that apply):

Bringing Additional Lighting
Bringing Additional Sound Equipment
Bringing Standing Stage Sets
Bringing Mobile Stage Sets
Bringing Dance Floor
Will Videotape Program


By clicking the submit button below, you agree to the following conditions:

The Board of Education assumes no liability for the loss, damage, or personal injury through the use of this facility.